ATC K3 Chiller at the Swedish Museum of Natural History

Posted: 16 September 2022

The Swedish Museum of Natural History is located in Stockholm and was founded in 1819 by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The museum also houses Cosmonova, the world's largest projection theatre and planetarium. 

Previously ATC had supplied the museums Nordsim group with a K3 chiller which was in reliable service for over 12 years. When the chiller finally started to show signs of age the technical team for the laboratory came straight to ATC to get a like for like replacement.

The Nordsim laboratory is part of the Department of Geosciences and jointly funded by Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Key to their research methodology is a Cameca 1280 ion microprobe, an advanced mass spectrometer which allows direct in situ measurement of isotopic and elemental composition in selected micrometer sized areas of a sample.

The instrument is applied to a wide range of geological problems, from U-Pb and O isotopes in zircons to light stable isotope analysis of lunar and meteoritic samples.

Martin Whitehouse, Professor, Senior Researcher and Head of Nordsim at the Natural History Museum of Sweden says of the direct replacement “we replaced the ATC chiller like for like because it has performed largely without problem (just two new fans in that time and does the job perfectly).  “The original K3 was purchased because of our earlier positive experience with a K6 chiller supplied via Micromass for another instrument, and that one is still running fine at nearly 20 years.”

The K3 cools the electronics and pumps on the large ion microprobe, maintaining a temperature of 18⁰C. The main reason for the selection of an external chiller was because the building water was problematic (dirty, subject to shut off beyond the Museums control) and it is hooked to the same UPS as the instrument, ensuring there are no sudden stops if there is a loss of power (rare but not unknown in the 1916-vintage building).

Martin Whitehouse says of ATC, "I found ATC very helpful and professional to deal with, the chiller they have supplied is reliable, compact and very easy to operate, simply excellent!". 

Find out more about the K3 chiller.

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ATC K3 Chiller cools an Advanced Mass Spectrometer at The Swedish Museum of Natu
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