Heat Transfer Fluids

Heat transfer fluids are used within process cooling to remove unwanted heat from associated applications.

There are four main categories of coolant used with ATC chillers:

  • Water (or Deionised Water)
  • Hexid (propylene glycol/water combination)
  • CoolFlow (ethylene glycol/water combination)
  • Oils


Further information regarding different types of heat transfer fluid and how to make the most efficient choice for your application can be found here.

Hexid Heat Transfer Fluids

Hexid heat transfer fluids enhance the performance of your demanding application. A range of carefully formulated products optimised for temperatures from -45°C to +90°C, which will help you get the most from your process. Hexid fluids are safe and fully compatible with your systems components. 


Applied Thermal Control stock CoolFlow, an industrial grade refrigerant antifreeze based on ethylene glycol. 

CoolFlow is sold by ATC in three variations.

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