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ATC are the UK’s leading manufacturer of recirculating chillers and temperature control products. From off the shelf products to fully bespoke systems, ATC can offer the best cooling solution to your temperature regulation issues.

ATC also provide first class after sales service as well as a wide range of options, accessories and heat transfer fluids.

Our extensive expertise and design capabilities allow us to develop solutions for each of our customers specific requirements. ATC chillers are supported by quality and professionalism of a global supply and service network.

Water to water heat exchangers
0-15kW Rack Mounted Water to Water Heat Exchangers
0-15kW cooling capacity heat exchangers in a 19" rack mountable enclosure.  Ideal for isolating sensitive applications from your house water system.
0-75kW Floor Standing Water to Water Heat Exchangers
Water to water heat exchangers are for use where an application requires water cooling, but cannot be connected directly to a house or facilities water supply.
75-300kW Floor Standing Water to Water Heat Exchangers
Cost effective water cooling for where an application needs protecting from a contaminated or unstable house water system. 
Airblast coolers
0-10kw Air Blast Coolers
Airblast coolers are a robust an economical water cooling solution where the application set point is above ambient
20-80kw Air Blast Coolers
Economic water cooling in a self-contained enclosure.  Ideal for applications which have a running temperature which exceeds ambient. 
F-series flat bed coolers
Flat bed coolers provide the most cost effective water cooling platform.  Suitable for large plant installations flat bed coolers provide large amounts of cooling power where the application set point exceeds ambient.
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