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ATC are a leading manufacturer of recirculating chillers and temperature control products, with a distributor network across the United States and a dedicated service center.  From off the shelf products to fully bespoke systems, ATC can offer the best cooling solution to your temperature regulation issues.

ATC also provide first class after sales service as well as a wide range of options, accessories and heat transfer fluids.

Our extensive expertise and design capabilities allow us to develop solutions for each of our customers specific requirements. ATC chillers are supported by quality and professionalism of a global supply and service network.

Chiller Range

The ATC range of recirculating chillers are quiet, discreet and suitable for use in laboratories or manufacturing.

Providing precision cooling from 1630 BTU to 47760 BTU (480w to 14kW) for accurate temperature control. ATC chillers become a small but reliable part of any process.

Mini - 1700 BTU
cooling capacity

The Mini is the smallest and most energy efficient chiller ATC have ever produced, combining a sophisticated touchscreen controller and variable speed compressor with a universal power supply.

Effective cooling performance, up to 1700 BTU.


0-3400 BTU
cooling capacity

An ultra compact range of recirculating chillers offering cooling capacities of 1600 BTU and 3400 BTU, originally designed for use with turbopumps.

Offering a choice of control options as required by your application, these quiet and discreet recirculating chillers are available with a selection of pumps and can be configured for a variety of input voltages. 

3500 – 10500 BTU
cooling capacity

ATC have a range of chillers at the 5900 BTU (1750W) and 10900 BTU (3200W) cooling capacities. These compact chillers are available with a choice of standard options, pumps and can be configured for a variety of input voltages.

The K1 and K3 chiller units are designed for applications with higher cooling requirements. They are robust and dependable even when running 24 hours a day all year around.

11000 - 47700 BTU
cooling capacity

ATC's higher cooling capacity industrial chillers offer reliable cooling from 15300 to 47700 BTU. The four sizes are available in a full range of configurations and can be tailored your requirements.

Please contact us to discuss your chiller requirements. 

Standard Options

ATC have designed a range of commonly requested options which can be specified into the chillers, as required by the user. In addition to these a range of special options can be specified, please discuss your requirement with us.

Applied Thermal Control supplies a range of quiet and discreet, precision recirculating chillers from 1637 BTU to 47769 BTU (480w to 14kW) cooling capacity, providing temperature control to 0.10°C (32°F) accuracy.

Our extensive chiller expertise and flexible design allow us to work with our customers to develop bespoke designs and manufacture models to OEM requirements. Supplying a range of recirculating coolers, water to water heat exchangers and air blast coolers we can advise on the most suitable solution for your needs. We are proud of the performance and reliability of both our standard and custom chillers and the professionalism which supports these products worldwide.

For more details, please select a product from the list below.

Heat Transfer fluids
Hexid heat transfer fluids enhance the performance of your demanding application. A range of carefully formulated products optimized for temperatures from -45°C to +90°C (-49°F to 203°F), which will help you get the most from your process. Hexid fluids are safe and fully compatible with your system's components. 
Bespoke Systems
Thermoelectric Cooling Devices

ATC have a long history of working with OEM’s to develop custom chiller solutions and now have the expertise to apply this to Thermoelectric cooling. The benefits of thermoelectric cooling allow for precise temperature control in a remarkably small footprint with improved reliability, and no worry about harmful refrigerant gases.

Custom Chillers

Since 1995 ATC have been collaborating successfully with analytical instrument and machine manufacturers around the world, building bespoke chiller systems that offer improved functionality and flexibility to off the shelf alternatives. ATC prides itself on it’s ability to work closely with partner companies to achieve optimal results.

Water to Water Heat Exchangers and Air Blast Coolers

Applied Thermal Control water to water heat exchangers and air blast coolers provide bespoke fluid cooling used in a wide range of OEM and customer applications. Applied Thermal Control heat exchangers offer an effective solution when a facility cooling proves unreliable or unclean. Air blast coolers provide effective and economic cooling where refrigeration is not required.

Service Packages
Protect your work from disruption with an ATC service contract. Please check availability in your area and contact our US dedicated service agent Applied Chiller Service.
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