Standard Options

ATC have designed a range of commonly requested options which can be specified into the chillers, as required by the user. In addition to these a range of special options can be specified, please discuss your requirement with us.

Applied Thermal Control supplies a range of quiet and discreet, precision recirculating chillers from 1637 BTU to 47769 BTU (480w to 14kW) cooling capacity, providing temperature control to 0.10°C (32°F) accuracy.

Our extensive chiller expertise and flexible design allow us to work with our customers to develop bespoke designs and manufacture models to OEM requirements. Supplying a range of recirculating coolers, water to water heat exchangers and air blast coolers we can advise on the most suitable solution for your needs. We are proud of the performance and reliability of both our standard and custom chillers and the professionalism which supports these products worldwide.

For more details, please select a product from the list below.

Remote Alarm Pack
The compact remote alarm pack indicates the chiller status when the chiller is located away from the main application.
Low Temperature Pack
This low temperature option can be fitted to allow a chiller to be operated below +4°C and to be controlled down to -15°C.
Heater Pack
The heater pack element can provide an accurate and efficient temperature control up to 65°C.
Water-Cooled Condensers
Optional for all chillers using a central or house water supply.
Non Return / Solenoid Valve
The non-return/solenoid option can be fitted to prevent back siphoning of fluid into the chiller during maintenance.
Quick Release Connectors
All ATC chillers can be fitted with self-sealing, quick release fluid connectors allowing a quick and easy chiller exchange.
Installation Kit
Reinforced black 1/2" tubing and fittings to connect the chiller to an application.
Air Filter MA 145/119
The air filter is designed for ease of maintenance, fitting of the air filter into the K1 and K3 chillers is recommended.
Castors – KT
Where mobility is required, KT chillers can be fitted with 2 locking castors.
RS 485 Comms
Optional communications ports for RS-485 allow continuous monitoring of temperature and alarms by an external computer.
In-line Deioniser
The optional in-line deioniser provides very high levels of purity in recirculating water.
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