Standard Options
ATC have designed a range of commonly requested options which can be specified into the chillers, as required by the user. In addition to these a range of special options can be specified, please discuss your requirement with us.
Remote Alarm Pack
The compact remote alarm supplied by Applied Thermal Control is sited close to the application, allowing personnel to monitor the chiller, without needing to see the chiller. The display indicates normal operation, or shows alarms for temperature and fluid (both flow and level). An audible siren also sounds in an alarm condition. The alarm box can be mounted up to 15 meters away from the chiller, and is fitted with an emergency stop switch that will turn off the chiller should it be necessary.
Low Flow Alarm
Low flow alarms are a type of warning system that is designed to alert operators or maintenance personnel when the flow of heat transfer fluid through process cooling equipment falls below a certain level. The purpose of these alarms is to help to prevent damage to the equipment and other connected applications by ensuring that adequate heat transfer fluid flow is maintained.
Standard Volt Free Connection (VFC) Set
Optional VFC set allows for monitoring of alarms through analogue signal. 
Stainless Steel Pump and Fittings
Stainless steel parts are standard on all ATC machinery. 
Mod for Outdoor Use
Addition of this option makes your chiller IP54 compliant when housing outdoors. 
Particulate Filter
Particulate filters protect your application from contaminants in the event of a pump failure, and when fitted on the return line, protect your chiller. 
Flow Meter Pack
A flow meter pack will measure the flow in the process water circuit and display the value on a discrete digital display.
Fan Speed Control (on/off)
A fan speed control (on/off) option allows the fan to be turned off when not needed, saving energy and reducing noise. 
Fan Speed Control (proportional)
A fan speed control (proportional) option allows a fan speed controller to slow the fan motor, reducing noise levels and energy. 
Flow Meter Pack Output to RS485
Addition of the flow meter pack output allows the flow rate to be communicated via RS485.
Seismic Mounts
Seismic mounts protect your chiller in the event of ground tremors, allowing you to fix the chiller to the ground via brackets. 
In-line UV Decontamination
Use of an in-line UV decontamination pack will prevent any growth within the system by passing fluid through steel tubes containing a UV lamp. 
Qwikfoot Kit
Addition of the Qwikfoot kit allows the chiller to be mounted and lifted off the ground, providing an anchor with no need to drill into the floor.
Stainless Enclosure
This robust stainless steel enclosure will protect your chiller from the elements, and will withstand more aggressive cleaning materials. 
De-Branding of Standard Model
Applied Thermal Control branding can be removed at your request. 
High Ambient Fans
High ambient fans should be fitted when running a chiller in a high ambient environment. 
Internal Manifolds
Internal manifolds allow you to specify the amount of inlets and outlets on the back of the chiller.
Frost Protection
Addition of frost protection allows chillers using water as a process cooling fluid to function in freezing temperatures. 
External Manifolds
External manifolds allow you to specify the amount of inlets and outlets on the back of the chiller.
Remote Stop-Start
A remote start-stop addition allows your chiller to be turned off from the application. 
Auto Refill
This addition allows your chiller to be refilled from mains water or a storage tank. 
Fluid Adapters
ATC have a wide range of fixtures and fittings available. Please enquire for more information, your salesperson will support you in finding the most appropriate adapters following a discussion on your requirements. 
Extra Close Control
Pressure Sensor
The pressure sensor allows pressure within the system to be detected and communicated electronically via a volt-free contact.
Pressure Sensor to RS485
The pressure sensor allows pressure within the system to be detected and communicated electronically via RS485.
Conductivity Sensor
Addition of a conductivity sensor makes it possible to measure how pure your deionized water is.
Conductivity Sensor to RS485
Inverter-Driven Pump
Addition of an inverter-driven pump allows control of flow rate, pressure and speed. 
Alternative Cordset
Various cordset options are available. 
MODBUS RTU over Ethernet
The addition of MODBUS RTU over Ethernet allows RS485 communications to be performed over ethernet. 

Applied Thermal Control stock CoolFlow, an industrial grade refrigerant antifreeze based on ethylene glycol. 

CoolFlow is sold by ATC in three variations.

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