Bouygues Service Project

Posted: 16 September 2022

As part of the Bouygues Group, founded in 1952 as a diversified industrial group with 3 sectors: construction, property and roads and telecom and media.  Bouygues Energies and Services provide engineering and service capabilities from conception, design and construction through to facility management within the UK.

Supporting the Bouygues Energies and Services plant in Preston which converts a feedstock of Hexafluoropropene in to Octafluoropropane.  Both of these chemicals are supercritical fluids, meaning at ambient temperature they exist as both a gas and a liquid.  The chillers cool the Hexafluoropropene so it exists more in the liquid phase than the gaseous phase.

The K3 chillers were pressure tested on site, as there was a need to store manufactured refrigerant.  In use, a reduction of pressure means the temperature will drop and run the risk of freezing.  These precision coolers were selected for their accurate temperature control. 

Working with F2 chemicals at the Preston plant, the ATC recirculating chillers are housed outside and metal fittings were upgraded for plastic to prevent any corrosion.  Our technical department worked with onsite personnel to rebuild machines and provide a quick resolution to cooling issues minimising any down time in the precision chillers and the equipment they sustain.

Fiasal Nawaz, Process Project Manager at the site said “Applied Thermal Control provided the plant with responsive and expert technical support to ensure our chillers were back up and running with a minimum impact on equipment down time”.

For more information on our range of industrial chillers see our products page or contact us on sales@app-therm.com

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