ATC's Chiller Scrappage Scheme

Posted: 16 September 2022

Applied Thermal Control have been a leading UK manufacturer of recirculating chillers for over 20 years and are renowned for being compact, quiet, and accurate. At ATC, the impact that the cooling process can have on the environment is something that we are committed to minimising as much as possible. We recognise the importance of the safe and responsible disposal of chillers and would like to offer a scrappage scheme to our customers to aid this process.

F-Gases are the fluorinated gases widely used as refrigerants in the cooling process. These gases are safe when appropriately contained and used responsibly. However, they do have Global Warming Potential (GWP) and can have greenhouse effects if leaked into the atmosphere.

When equipment containing these gases is no longer needed, the f-gases can be reclaimed, and when no longer useable, broken down by specialist incineration into chemicals that have no greenhouse effects.

UK customers will have the option to arrange free collection of your old chiller when your new chiller has been delivered. Customers outside of the UK are still able to take advantage of this scheme but must organise transport of their old chiller to our headquarters.  We will then arrange for the safe reclamation or disposal of refrigerants by F-Gas registered engineers.


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ATC's Scrappage Scheme
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