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Posted: 16 September 2022

Rafal Wrobel is a Senior Research Associate (Electrical Power Research Group) within the School of Engineering at Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. The core of Rafal’s research activities include hardware development and testing of novel electrical drive-trains, for automotive and aerospace applications.

Providing testing environment, which emulates operating conditions intended for a specific application is an important element for the experimental procedure. For example, a heat management using active liquid-cooling is frequently employed across variety of drive-train components like the battery pack, power converter, electrical machine and mechanical gearbox.        

The liquid-cooling system, in particular should provide the required dissipative heat evacuation capability, for a given flow rate and temperature set point, which varies from one application to another. Often, a relatively wide range rage of testing temperatures up to 100°C is required. The commercially available chillers suitable for such experimental work are rather inflexible and cumbersome. All these considering a very dynamic lab- working environment, where the lab-space is at a premium.      

The K-range chillers provided by Applied Thermal Control (ATC), and used by Rafal in his experimental work, assure the necessary heat extraction capability, system flexibility and mobility. Rafal said "the ATC K6 chiller unit is compact, ‘all-in-one’ and easy to move around, when we finish one experiment we can simply disconnect it and then quickly move to the next experiment".

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