ATC Supplies a K9 Chiller to University of California Berkeley

Posted: 16 September 2022

The University of California (UC) Berkeley teaching and research laboratories are among the most active, innovative and productive in the US.  Berkeley Mechanical Engineering is the top ranked public mechanical engineering program in the country and consistently categorised as one of the top ranked departments worldwide.  Their research work covers the spectrum from molecular to global, from nano-scale devices and processes to ocean engineering and atmospheric phenomena.

Dr. Lydia Sohn is Chancellor’s Professor within the department of Mechanical Engineering at UC Berkeley and a core member of UCSF-UC Berkeley Joint Graduate Program in Bioengineering.  Highly recognised and experienced, prior to joining Berkeley she is a graduate of Harvard University and was a member of the Physics faculty at Princeton University. Dr. Sohn is the recipient of several prestigious awards for her research which includes being honoured at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy for the development of label-free method Node Pore Sensing (NPS) which was named as one of the five “Revolutionary Platform Technologies for Advancing Life Sciences Research” in a competition sponsored by six major foundations.

Dr. Sohn’s lab focuses on two major themes; cancer and stem-cell biology. For cancer they are developing and employing quantitative, label-free techniques to isolate, screen and identify cells for biomedical-research and for clinical diagnostic and monitoring applications. For stem-cell biology, they are developing lab-on-a-chip systems that would enable study of stem cells in their specialised niche.

Dr. Sohn purchased the ATC chiller which is used to cool an electron beam gun in a thin film evaporation system (used for depositing metals such as Platinum). The system is water cooled, requiring 3 gallons per minute.  Their e-gun was previously cooled by a central cooling system for the entire building, but that system proved unreliable and had caused ongoing issues for a number of years. Whenever there were problems with the central water supply the evaporation tool would be shut down, causing work on it to come to a halt. This created a desire to become independent from the main house water supply for efficiency and reliability.

ATC’s sales representative Mbartech helped the customer make the decision to use a locally mounted air-cooled chiller to sever reliance on the central cooling system to avoid interruptions in their work. Lydia chose the ATC K9 because it provided the necessary cooling power, pressure and flow rate, while maintaining a small footprint and low noise level. Applied Thermal Control supplied the K9 to precisely control the temperature of the water without depending on the central water supply.

Marvell NanoLab recommended Mbartech and ATC chillers, and good references for reliability were also provided by nearby Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.

The lab also considered the upfront applications support, and the availability of service from the ATC Oregon based service centre (Applied Chiller Services).

Overall Berkeley rated their experience positive, with the chiller being simple to install and use. We pride ourselves on offering valuable presales guidance and advising the best solution to our customers.  Following her experience Dr. Sohn would use ATC chillers in the future and is happy to recommend ATC products to peers.

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