ATC K1 Chiller Improves Production Process for Luxury Cosmetics Brand

Posted: 16 September 2022

Manufacturing Support and Design (MSD) visited various sites of other companies who use ATC chillers; impressed with what they saw consequently recommended ATC and the K1 chiller to their customer. The decision to purchase an ATC chiller was based on the recommendation of MSD.

Mark Godbold, MSD Managing Director (Engineering), says of the relationship with ATC “we have worked with ATC on numerous occasions and found their service to be ideal, with client feedback regarding installation and use the chillers to be very positive.  This is why we are happy to continue working with ATC as our preferred chiller supplier”.  

The luxury cosmetics brand previously used an alternative chiller company and the engineering team didn’t find this unit particularly capable.  This is the first time they have purchased an ATC chiller.  

Pedro speaks highly of the K1 chiller and the impact it has had on the production process “the service we received from ATC was expert and friendly and the chiller itself is a small unit which does the job very well. The team finds this a very reliable piece of equipment, resulting in a smooth production process, ideal for our needs”.  

The cosmetics manufacturer uses the chiller within their production process to cool the water on a tube filler, where the hot air station runs from 340⁰C to 420⁰C. The chiller keeps the block cool and prevents the tubes from burning.   

The K1 chiller provides a very consistent temperature, it is set at 8.1⁰C and doesn’t deviate.  The equipment performs well depending on the speed of filler and the material they are using during a production run. The temperature differential doesn’t change depending on the application.  The chiller has proved reliable, compact and maneuverable compared to previous chillers.  This has helped efficiency within their production process through reliable service from a tiny chiller.  

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K1 Chiller in the Factory at Luxury Cosmetics Brand
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