ATC Chiller Preventative Maintenance Contracts Now Available

Posted: 16 September 2022

All inspections and any repairs are carried out by a skilled maintenance professional. Preventative maintenance is performed regularly while the equipment is still working, to reduce the risk of equipment failure, unexpected breakdowns and unplanned downtime. 

Our aim is to offer the long-term reliability of our equipment while it is in use and peace of mind to our customers. 

ATC preventative maintenance visits are carefully planned and scheduled to cause minimal disruption to chillers on site and the equipment they support. Chillers are inspected and maintained in position. They are assessed by trained technicians with vast experience in chiller maintenance. Our engineers can also use their extensive knowledge of applications and installations to offer advice on potential improvements and alterations that could be made to extend the life of the whole system. 

The objective of maintenance is to avoid or mitigate the consequences or unexpected interruption in operation of the equipment, by helping to prevent any failure before it occurs. Our visit is structured to improve equipment reliability and reduce any downtime. Caring for the machines and timely checks can potentially extend the chiller life and offer peace of mind to its users.

Our preventative maintenance contracts are valid for 24 months from the date of purchase. We offer complete flexibility to our customers within this timeframe. It is even possible to use the preventative maintenance contract to contribute to labour costs of a repair on site or a workshop repair.  Purchase a preventative maintenance contract with your UK chiller, you will receive a UK 48-hour call out response time if your chiller does break down.

Talk to us about adding existing chillers to your contract. We now offer preventative maintenance as part of all new UK ATC quotes, for a relatively small investment you can effectively plan and schedule chiller maintenance to help avoid costly unplanned breakdowns. For further details please contact us on 01530 83 99 98 or email us sales@app-therm.com

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Preventative Maintenance Contracts for Chillers
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