How can I protect my chiller during a shutdown?

When finishing for the holiday season, or taking systems down for a period where they are not required, it is good to give the system a clean and shut it down properly. This will make it easier to start up your system again.

To shut down your chiller, follow these five simple steps:

  1. Drain chiller and application - Draining fluids can be a messy process - have gloves and paper towel to hand
  2. Flush and Clean - Flush and clean the chiller with cleaner (check with manufacturer for appropriate cleaners)
  3. Flush with fresh water - Flush with fresh water, drain and leave to dry, or add a small amount of antifreeze and inhibitor
  4. Enjoy the Holidays - Put your feet up with a cuppa and enjoy the break!
  5. Consider A Service and maintenance plan - In the new year, call ATC to discuss service and maintenance plans for your chiller.

Before beginning, check the fluid used in the system, and ensure that any cleaning products used will not cause any damage to your application. The manufacturer will be able to provide guidance. Draining fluids can be a messy process so it is a good idea to have gloves and a roll of paper towel on hand for any spillages.

Once drained, a cycle with a good cleaner will remove any debris or scale build-up, prolonging the life of the unit, and its filters. A good cleaner will also kill off any lingering organisms that may have escaped normal biocide.

Following cleaning, the chiller should be thoroughly with fresh water to ensure that no remnants of cleaner are left behind. The system can then be left to drain and dry out prior to being put into storage. It is also possible for a small amount of antifreeze with added inhibitor can be left in the chiller tank to keep the system wet with reduced risk of biological growth.


Do not turn off the chiller prior to shutting down the application, this can be detrimental to application health.


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