Bespoke systems

Thermoelectric Cooling Devices

ATC have a long history of working with OEM’s to develop custom chiller solutions and now have the expertise to apply this to Thermoelectric cooling. The benefits of thermoelectric cooling allow for precise temperature control in a remarkably small footprint with improved reliability, and no worry about harmful refrigerant gases.

Custom Chillers

Since 1995 ATC have been collaborating successfully with analytical instrument and machine manufacturers around the world, building bespoke chiller systems that offer improved functionality and flexibility to off the shelf alternatives. ATC prides itself on it’s ability to work closely with partner companies to achieve optimal results.

Water to Water Heat Exchangers and Air Blast Coolers

Applied Thermal Control water to water heat exchangers and air blast coolers provide bespoke fluid cooling used in a wide range of OEM and customer applications. Applied Thermal Control heat exchangers offer an effective solution when a facility cooling proves unreliable or unclean. Air blast coolers provide effective and economic cooling where refrigeration is not required.

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